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Places to Bike

Observation Rock

Observation Rock is an awesome spot to bike to. Only 5 minutes bike from our site at 4 Main Rd It offers amazing views of Paterson's Inlet, Mount Rakeahua and much more. Just park your bike on the roadside and a short 2 minute walk leads you to the lookout. 

Lee Bay

Lee Bay marks the start of the Rakiura and North West circuit tracks, it also has one of the pair of matching chain sculptures. One of which is in bluff and the other of which is here in Lee Bay. They are part of a Maori legend in which a warrior fishes up the north island from the south island, his boat, and to do so he drops his anchor, Stewart Island. This site also has several popular day walks, including, Garden Mound, Little River and Maori Beach. For more information on these walks please go and visit the friendly Department of Conservation Staff. Lee Bay is only about 20 minutes from the shop on our speedy bikes.

Ackers Point Lighthouse and Harrold Bay 

Take a scenic walk out to Ackers Point past Harrold Bay. This cottage at Harrold Bay is one of New Zealand's oldest buildings. Then carry on around the coastal track to Ackers Point. The platform at the end offers extraordinary views back towards Halfmoon Bay as well as the surrounding area. Ackers point is also a great spot to view the local wildlife,  such as seals, sooty shearwater and little blue penguins. The end of the road is only 15 minutes bike from our shop, from there it is a 5 minute walk to Harrold Bay, or approximately 40-50 minutes walk to Ackers Point. The walk is well marked and maintained by the Department of Conservation, for more information see their website.  

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